In Coproduction with SVT
Executive Producer Axel Arnö

Funding from The Swedish Film Institute
Film Commissioner Tove Torbiörnsson

About the Film makers

Director/ Filmmaker - Mats Hjelm
An accomplished, internationally recognized visual artist, Mats has developed aesthetically and technically advanced video installations around the world, always with a subliminal political context. His work has been highly recognized and can be seen at www.matshjelm.info. Black Nation is his first feature documentary film, though by no means is he without great experience as a filmmaker. Since 1993 he has had film installation and shows in several European countries, the US, Russia, Canada and Japan. He has a strong and personal attachment to Detroit. After having studied there at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art, he has done several video installations with themes from Detroit (see White Flight 1997 on his website).

Producer - Claes Herrlander, Herrlander Pictures
Claes is the principal and founder of Stockholm based Herrlander Pictures. Launched in 1995, the company has produced nine documentary films during the last ten years. These films were shot all over the world, including several in developing countries. The films have been produced for European TV broadcasters, as well as organizations like Workers’ Educational Association, UNICEF, UNFPA, Save the Children. The company is a regular contributor to the Swedish Public Broadcast Network.

Executive Producer - Tom Powers, Open Door Co.
Tom is a principal in Open Door Co., a Toronto based producer of award winning documentaries, specializing in “Content that Matters”. Launched in 2005, the company has produced two critically acclaimed award winning feature documentaries, “Cracked Not Broken” (HBO) and “Independent America - The Two Lane Search for Mom & Pop” (Sundance Channel). A graduate of Queen’s University School of Law, he is a former M&A lawyer with over 10 years of experience in sophisticated multinational corporate transactions with a specialty in knowledge based industries. He has produced 7 prime time series and 5 feature documentaries for clients including HBO, Sundance Channel, NHK, CTV, Discovery Networks, The Documentary Channel, CanWest and SBS, among others.

Contact North America
Tom Powers, Executive Producer
Open Door Co. (www.opendoorco.com)
1560 Bayview Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto, Canada M4G 3B8
Direct Line +1 416 855 7386
Mobile +1 416 587 0541

Contact outside North America
Claes Herrlander, Producer
Herrlander Pictures (www.herrlanderpictures.se)
Apelsinlunden, Allhelgonagatan 5
118 58 Stockholm, Sweden
Direct Line +46 8 641 6217
Mobile +46 704 337 270